Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rainy Days

These past few weeks have been filled with cloudy mornings, torrential rainstorms, and a thick fog of humidity. Each morning waking up to go to work has been a real effort. All I want to do is stay in bed with a cup of tea reading my new book I just picked up from The Strand. Unfortunately I am unable to have these types of mornings. Friday when these pictures were taken, I decided to make an effort and try and change my mood with my outfit.

My outfits have been whatever I can find in my closet that looks appropriate for work as well as comfortable enough that I feel like I'm still wearing my pj's. Well to change things up I decided to pull out this dress that makes me feel so girly and pretty, especially with the ruffles at the neck area.

You know what, I was in a better mood on Friday. Also wearing these shoes are just awesome and add an extra smile on my face. Sometimes a simple outfit can really change a whole days outlook.

Dress - H&M
Cardigan - Uniqlo
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Tights - Urban Outfitters

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