Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Went to Chicago last month for a job/fellowship interview and spent all my free time sightseeing and eating. I had never been before and really enjoyed my first time exploring this lovely city. I tried my first deep dish pizza, which was amazing. Can we talk about how awesome it is to eat a big bread bowl of cheese, cause that's what a deep dish is all about. I still don't know how anyone can actually eat more than one slice, cause it's just so rich. Maybe on a not so busy weekend, I may try my hand at making my own homemade version. Chicago, reminds me of a cleaner, smaller version of New York. I really fell in love with this city and what it had to offer. I can't wait till my next visit. By the way I got the fellowship. I will be leaving for Africa next week and will be there for 6 months. I can't wait ti share pictures of a new country and culture.

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