Monday, December 12, 2011

Going to the Theater

I think I'm cursed, yes cursed. My wonderful roommate had lent me her camera and the wind knocked it down and bent the lens. I was able to take a few pictures with her camera, which I will post in the upcoming days. Since another tragedy with a camera has struck, my only options now are my phone (until I pay the camera repair place the money to fix my poor lumix). Anyway, a few weeks ago my other wonderful roommate, Brandon, got me and Sheryl tickets to see a new Broadway play called Lysistrata Jones. I wasn't allowed to snap any pictures inside the theater, but I was able to quickly snap these before getting yelled at my the usher. Other than that, the musical was funny, the songs were catchy, and the cast is quite good looking. If you're ever in NYC, you should check it out.


  1. Ooh, sorry to hear about the camera. But phone camera sometimes can look good too! You have an awesome blog.

    I'm following you. I'd be flattered if you could follow me too :)
    Pose Posh Post

  2. Sorry to hear about the camera.... I am starting to think that wind kills more cameras than anything. At least you got to enjoy a the play and got some decent pictures. Not that bad, right? plus sounds like you have the best roommates ever!

  3. Yeah from now until next month I will be doing phone photos. Wind is just not my friend.

  4. looks like fun! i love going to plays


  5. I love caramel and lace, so I am following you. Greetings from Rome, Italy.

  6. This show was so awesome!We laughed like crazy the entire time. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it before it closes.